Bone Busters Inc. (1989): is a one of a kind table from Gottlieb, designed by Ray Tanzer and Constantino Mitchell. With its fast-flowing layout complemented by an eccentric art package and comical sound set, it's no wonder this table is highly valued by collectors. Starting with a tricky Skill Shot over the mini playfield this game challenges the player at every turn. Send the ball flying through the air via the Long Jump Ramp to start 2, 3, or 4 ball multiball. Earn the Drop Target awards to discover Liz's Surprise and score the Opera Jackpot for big points. When normal game play ends, the table features a Bonus Round 3 ball frenzy mode to top off a great score. And don't forget to listen up to Old Mean One-Eye, the talking skeleton at the top of the Backbox. 2,000 units of this table were produced.