Ahhh pinball. A unique combo plate. Equal parts skill and luck. Considered a waste of time by many and with it's less than upright beginnings, and history, one could certainly make a case for that argument. What mystical power does a shiny silver ball posess? Like its Japanese cousin the Pachinko machine, the goal of the original pinball machine was to get the silver balls into the correct holes and score points. They were considered gambling devices, and were outlawed in many cities. Flippers weren't introduced until 1947, and pinball itself wasn't fully legallized until 1975.
That being said, pinball still holds a mystique all its own. Pinball fanatics like myself are in the millions and span the globe. We love our shiny silver friend like Gollam loves his preciousssssss. It is equal parts friend and tormentor. When we net an extra ball, it is friend. When it goes flying down the center drain when we are trying for multiball on our last ball, well you get the drift.
Recent years have not been kind to the silver ball. Most of the major players in the industry faded away in the 1990s and by 2005, only Stern was left standing. Since then. Jersey Jack has joined them as the only manufacturers of pinball machines. FarSight Studios has led the charge to preserve pinball in its digital form, with Pinball Arcade. A collection of digitally recreated pinball tables from the 60s to today. Stern has come up with its own version, but for now i'm choosing to focus on the original.
I am listing the tables alphabetically because i like it that way.