Attack From Mars (1995): was designed by Brian Eddy, who also designed Medieval Madness and programmed the software for tables such as Funhouse and The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot. An army of Martians is attacking Earth and it's the player's job to defend it. With its open playfield and easy to understand rules, this table is a blast to play. Features include a moving flying saucer in the middle of the playfield, dancing Martians and a functioning strobe light. A common misperception about Attack from Mars is that it was inspired by the movie Mars Attacks, which was released in 1996. It's a coincidence that the movie and this table were released within a year of each other. 3,450 units of this table were produced.
On a personal note, this table is one of a handful of tables where if you enter MOO as your initials on the high score list, you get a cow mooing. Kinda funny.
{Personal High Score}{3,145,126,030}