Top 14 Wedding Vow No-Nos

The Top 14 Phrases to Avoid When Writing Your Own Wedding Vows.


13> " sickness and in health, unless it's Super Bowl Sunday."

12> "... and henceforth, thus referring to section 4.7, paragraph 3, line 29 in said prenuptial agreement..."

11> " appease Cthullhu."

10> "...a much better lay than my brother."

9> "...until debt do us part."

8> "DaHjaj SuvwI'e' jIH!" (Trekkie weddings only)

7> " love, honor, and fillet..."

6> "...and at least consider the possibility of an occasional three-way."

5> " love, honor, and protect you from the real killers..."

4> "till death, or a reasonable enough facsimile thereof, do us part."

3> " IPO or Chapter 11...."

2> "...on Springer or Montel..."

and The Number 1 Phrase to Avoid When Writing Your Own Wedding Vows...

1> "In the words of Elizabeth Taylor..."