The Seven Dwarfs

The Seven Dwarfs were at the Vatican taking a tour. The first place they stopped at was the library, the priest says "This is where we do our readings and research for our masses. Does any body have any questions?" Dopey puts up his hand and the priest says "Yes Dopey, what is your question?" Dopey says "Father, is there any dwarf nuns in the Vatican?" The priest thinks to himself and responds "No Dopey, there are no dwarf nuns in the Vatican."

So they continue with the tour and they proceed to the church. The priest explains "This is where we do our masses. Does anybody have any questions?" Dopey puts two hands up and the priest says "Yes Dopey." in an impatient voice.

Dopey asks "Is there any dwarf nuns in Rome?" The priest thinks about it for a minute because he doesn't want to give him the wrong answer, and says "No Dopey I don't think there are any dwarf nuns in Rome." They are at the end of the tour which takes place at the Alter. The priest says, "This is where we talk during the masses. Is there any questions?"

Dopey has both hands up and waving them about. The priest, with an impatient look, says to Dopey "Yes Dopey! What is it now?" Dopey asks "Are there any Dwarf nuns anywhere on the planet?" The priest thinks about it long and hard and says, "No Dopey, to my knowledge there are no dwarf nuns. All of a sudden you hear a chant from the six other Dwarfs "DOPEY FUCKED A PENGUIN, DOPEY FUCKED A PENGUIN!"