Black Lace Panties

Two men were at a baseball game when one man looked over his shoulder and spotted a woman sitting several rows behind them.

He nudged his buddy and said, "Hey, look up there, that lady is not wearing panties!"

"Naw," came the reply, "she's got black lace panties on."

"No!" replied the first man, "that's the real thing!"

After arguing back and forth, they made a bet and asked the vendor if he wanted to make a fast buck. The first man said, "Hey buddy, go up there and see if it's the real thing or black lace panties."

The vendor goes up, grabs a quick look and runs back to the two men.

"Well," asked the first man, "isn't it the real thing?"

"Nope." came the reply from the vendor.

"Then I was right, she has black lace panties on, right?"

"Nope." came the reply again.

"For Pete's sake, man," yelled the first man, "it's got to be one or the other!"

"Nope," replied the vendor. "It's flies."