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A Romantic Tale

It was a warm spring evening, when I embarked on a placid sea of intimacy. The merest zephyr of sweet nothings fanned the calm into the first stirrings of primeval storms of emotion.

Ripples of interest soon gave way to a rising swell of enthusiasm as I explored the twin peaks of Bussoom with their fiery peaks and then headed south for warmer climes.

After much languorous drifting in a depression called Navel, admiring the expanse of the open sea; I found and Explored the forested mound near the equator and sailed the strait of Hormones where the paddles were shipped and a mast was raised. With much deft handling of rudder and inventive navigation, the heaving surface soon rose to majestic rollers of vigour.

Quite unexpectedly, I then experienced The first taring blast of on-coming storm,
Finally, as mountainous waves of passion rolled in off the ocean of endeavour and spent themselves crashing in on the shore of ecstasy, the seismic shock of them caused a volcanic eruption which parted my hair and scorched my eye-brows and I lost it completely. I collapsed exhausted in a fit of high hysterical laughter.